"Understanding is continuous and dynamic. What one understood yesterday may not be relevant today"

"The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn."
“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”
Victor Hugo
"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."
Henry Ford

"Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life."
Sandra Carey
"Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly."
Stephen R. Covey

"The most difficult problem to solve is employee indifference: people closing their eyes and choosing to do nothing."
Katsuvoshi Ishihara
"No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess."
Isaac Newton

"Control without action is simply a hobby."
Kauru Ishikawa

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." 
“The source of real discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”
Marcel Proust
“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”
Carl W. Buechner
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world."
Albert Einstein
"Individuals, by sharing the same belief, form a collective consciousness that can shape the world”
 Harry Palmer
"Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life." 
Alex Noble
“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
 Jack Welch
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution;
it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster
"Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes"
Peter Senge
"knowledge is the "force within" the organization"

"Knowledge is power but knowledge shared is power squared"
"Intellectual Capital must be converted into working capital – otherwise, it is nothing more than goodwill on a Balance Sheet"
”Trust is the bandwidth of communication”  (Karl Eric Sveiby)

”Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It is the life-blood of an organization.
When people have a high degree of trust in each other - they work together extremely effectively”
(Stephen Covey)
"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them" Albert Einstein
"Impossibilities are merely things which have not yet learnt"  Charles W. Chestnutt
"A stumble may prevent a fall"  Proverb

Who we are

Our team consists of alliances between companies and highly professional and knowledgeable consultants whose multi-functional work experience in a variety of organizations and/or institutions has cemented their ability to identify and appreciate each customers' unique strengths, and to deal with the multitude of environments, structures, cultures, and challenges facing the modern workplace.

We bring best-practice knowledge and subject matter expertise in the following fields:

  • Human and Organizational Development, including Change Management and communication
  • Strategic execution, and Performance Management
  • Process Management, Lean and Six Sigma, EFQM, and ISO series implementation
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Innovative technology solutions evaluation and implementation (PLM, BI, ERP)
  • Industrial, Software, and System Engineering

Through our network and affiliations, we have access to and support of other experts and consultants with similar and complementary skill set to support our team.

Our Team